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Electrical Wiring for Homes

With our homes running almost exclusively on electricity generated from an outside source, homeowners should possess a basic understanding of how their homes are wired. However, they should not let that understanding cloud their judgment. In most cases, you will want to call in the professionals for help with electrical issues in the home.

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Electrical wiring for homes is often a complex series of interconnected circuits and systems that power up a wide range of devices. Any misstep or malfunction with any of the wires has the potential to throw your entire home into chaos. Having a trusted residential electrician available, like those found at Atomic Electric, can help you traverse these troublesome situations and get your home back in working order!

No matter how much you think you may know about your home's AC wiring system, having an electrician who understands how and why your home receives and distributes power is the best approach. Residential electricians have trained for years to know how to safely interact with your home's electrical systems and fix the issue at hand.

Atomic Electric boasts a team of well-trained electricians with over 30 years of experience handling the wide range of residential electrical problems that may occur. With our team based in Brick, NJ — just outside of Toms River, NJ — we service residential areas in and around Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Middlesex County.

People have conditioned themselves only to call electricians when they find some part of the electrical wiring system for their homes in disrepair. However, there are circumstances aside from a broken circuit breaker where a residential electrician can prove beneficial. For example, having a certified electrician come out and handle the wiring for your new pool lights is a smart decision.

With many potential dangers of doing DIY electrical wiring for homes, you want to have the trained professionals of Atomic Electric come in and handle the business at hand for Middlesex and Monmouth County residents. From the wiring of the pool lights to outdoor lighting, our trusted professionals will take the intricate details of your home's electrical wiring.

Whether you are dealing with some faulty AC wiring or you want to update the wiring in your Ocean County home, Atomic Electric can help! Our team of professionals can handle rewiring your house and bringing it up to current code standards.

With modern homes requiring more electricity to power a wide range of technological devices, you need an electrician that can handle the demands of the contemporary home. The Atomic Electric team can handle a variety of electrical wiring projects for homes, including:

  • Electrical Outlets or Receptacles
  • Service Panel Upgrade
  • Lighting Switches Dimmers
  • iPhone and Android Charging Station
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Electrical Vehicles Charging Stations
  • Tesla Powering Stations
  • HVAC Wiring
  • Furnace Wiring
  • Climate Controllers
  • Solar Panels

In addition to providing residential services for homes in Brick and Toms River, NJ, Atomic Electric also offers our customers commercial and industrial services. If you are looking for a trusted and certified residential electrician for your home, contact Atomic Electric for a free estimate!